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Deer Industry Conference 2017

Annual Health Review Workbook

A Deer Health Review is a process that looks at production performance and health risks,  evaluates management options and identifies the most appropriate actions.

Deer Industry News Issue 83

• What to expect from new velvet handling requirements
• Clayton Station Regional Workshop 
• John Spiers Farewelled - friends, colleagues pay tribute

2017 Deer Industry Environment Awards

Awards will be annouced at this year's Deer Industry Conference

Regional Workshop Calendar

Come and hear what Advance Party groups near you have been working on over the past year

MSD Deer Industry Photo Competition 2017

Winners will be annouced at this year's Deer Industry Conference

Photo by Emma Coutts People's Choice 2016. 

New Zealand Deer Industry Initiatives

  • Advance Parties

    Deer farmers finding new ways to lift profit.

  • NZ Venison

    NZ venison products, recipes and more

  • NZ Deer Velvet

    Learn more about NZ Velvet & Co-Products

  • DEERSelect

    Deer Select

    A genetic evaluation system to advance NZ deer herd genetics

  • P2P

    Transforming the New Zealand venison industry